Open House - Sunday March 18th 2018

Looking for an exciting career filled with adventure and travel? Consider a career as a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Diverse opportunities include Fire Fighting, Air Ambulance, Police, Flight Instructing, Heli-Skiing, Electronic News Gathering, Oil and Gas Support, Natural Resources Management and many more.

Come out to Mountain View Helicopters to learn about the training required to become a Commercial Helicopter Pilot. Learn about our courses; see our facility, sit in aircraft and talk with our experienced instructors about a career as a helicopter pilot.

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Vortex Ring State - Vuichard Recovery Technique

Vuichard Recovery Technique for Vortex Ring State

Valair and Aerialstage have produced a stunning video showing the Vuichard Recovery Technique to recovery from a vortex ring state situation.

What is Vortex Ring State?

Vortex ring state is a dangerous condition that may arise in helicopter flight, when a vortex ring system engulfs the rotor causing severe loss of lift.

Essentially, the helicopter  starts descending into its own downwash. When the condition arises, increasing the rotor power feeds the vortex motion without generating additional lift, and forces the helicopter towards the ground.

How do you recover from vortex ring state?

In order to recovery from a vortex ring state situation, you need to get the helicopter rotor blades out of the “dirty air” and into air which is not circulating.  This video shows how the Vuichard Recovery Technique accomplishes that.

New Helicopter Tours!

We’ve added two new helicopter tours to our lineup to offer incredible views of the Canadian Rockies and Southern Alberta Landscape.

Crowsnest Mountain Tour

The Crowsnest Mountain tour will take you from our base at Springbank Airport south along the Foothills through Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park, across the Highwood Pass valley, and continuing towards Crowsnest Pass where you will orbit the rugged Crowsnest Mountain.  The return trip is no less spectacular taking you past the Sparwood Coal mines towards Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, the Kananaskis Valley, and finally Sibald Flats to exit the mountains and return to the prairies West of Calgary.

Height of the Rockies Tour

Height of the Rockies Provincial Park is a little known Provincial Park just across the Alberta border into British Columbia.  You’ll enjoy the incredible views of Kananaskis Lakes, the rugged glaciers surrounding Mount Joffre, Mount Neville, Mount Battisti and Mount Cadorna during the trip to this beautiful untouched wilderness in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

What helicopter is right for me?

Robinson R22 Beta/Beta II

The R22 is an industry proven training helicopter. This two seat aircraft is small and agile and demands perfection from those piloting it.  A course based on the R22 provides students with training unparalleled by other training aircraft particularly in the area of power management.  Students who have done training in the R22 experience a smooth transition into the very similar R44 and also move into larger turbine helicopters with relative ease.  Another added bonus of the R22 is that in addition to providing the highest level of training it also comes at the most economic cost.  The maximum seat weight for the R22 Helicopter is 240lbs however for training purposes the maximum student weight we will accept is 220lbs.


Robinson R44 Raven II

The R44 is a great addition to a training program done on the R22.  This aircraft is very popular commercially and is often an aircraft that our graduates will get their first flying job on.  Although we typically recommend a course based on the R22 helicopter, for those who either don’t meet the weight restrictions or those who are looking to train on an aircraft similar to what they are planning to purchase the R44 does offer exceptional training.


Bell 206 Jet Ranger

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger provides our students with an introduction to turbine-powered flight.  A Bell 206 Endorsement can provide graduates with more experience and versatility to offer potential employers.  The Bell 206 is another common aircraft on which our graduates to start their flying careers.  We do offer complete training courses on this aircraft adding it in combination with a Robinson aircraft course is more economical.