Mountain View Helicopters
Springbank Airport (CYBW)

Course Length

Full - 25 Hours
Intermediate - 10 Hours
Basic - 5 Hours

Class Size

1-4 People


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Mountain flying is different

There are many reasons to fly in the mountains; scenery found only in the mountains would be justification enough. Add the challenges and rewards of attempting to fly in harmony with the forces of nature and to land in places only accessible to experienced mountain climbers and mountain goats, or even save a life. Whatever way you look at it, mountain flying is tremendously exciting and rewarding. Whether fulfilling a requirement for certain mining or government contracts, or personal interest and development, mountain flying can be done safely.

Flying in the mountains is a different experience from flying in any other environment. Even on a good day, you have to deal with more than exceptional scenery – your engine develops less power and the blades require a higher angle to produce the same lift due to the thinner air. As a pilot you may suffer from lack of available oxygen at altitudes lower than required to clear the highest peaks. Navigation can be more difficult as you may not be able to go in a straight line. Knowledge of winds and weather becomes critical as winds can be extremely strong and weather can change dramatically in minutes. It is possible to fly safely in the mountains but it requires training, knowledge and experience.

The average pilot can learn to deal with all aspects of mountain flying, but it does not happen overnight. You have to study and work at it. The best way is to benefit from training in a formal mountain course conducted by a professional mountain pilot (instructor).

About the Course

At Mountain View Helicopters this is what we aim to do; train you to give you a solid knowledge base which will carry on during your flying career. Our approved mountain course consists of a total of 25 hours of flying and associated ground school. You will learn about winds, weather and the effects of helicopter operations, as well as all the techniques required to handle basic mountain recce, ridges, crown, ledges, saddles, cirques, glaciers, pinnacles, canyons, alpine meadows and others. This 25 hour course is designed for the low experience pilot. Included in this course are 5 hours of emergencies, completed in the mountain environment as well as at the airport.

Pilots of all experience levels can benefit from this 25 hour course. Mountain training improves precision and handling skills. We also offer introductory mountain courses varying from 5 hours (basic) or 10 hours (intermediate) for those pilots who require some knowledge of mountain flying but who may not be in a position to do the full course.

For the more experienced higher time pilot we offer a 20 hour approved mountain course. Building on the pilot’s experience, the 20 hour course challenges their skills in the mountain environment. New skills, flying techniques and knowledge are developed. This option includes the same content of the 25 hour course, but takes advantage of the higher time pilot’s experience.

Training is also available on your own personal or company helicopter, by yourself, or two at a time. This option has been extremely popular with our commercial customers as each pilot benefits from 20 hours on the controls and another 20 hours in the back seat observing another pilot’s work, so each pilot in effect gets 40 hours in the air plus ground school! All at a very reasonable price.

At the end of your course, you will receive a certificate of completion “Approved Mountain Course.”

Course Syllabus

- Psychology of Mountain Flying
- Geography of Mountains and their effects on helicopter operations
- Wind and Weather
- Contour Crawl
- Standard Mountain Approach - Landing and Takeoff
- Basic Circle Recce
- High Altitude Operations
- Ridges and Crowns
- Shoulders and Ledges
- Saddles
- Cirques
- Glacier and Snowfields
- Pinnacle
- Alpine Meadows
- Canyons, Narrow Valleys and River Beds
- Gullies
- Log pads and Platforms

Course Schedule

Full Course: 25 Hours Flight Time
Intermediate Course: 10 Hours Flight Time
Basic Course: 5 Hours Flight Time

All courses require additional classroom and study time. Length will be determined by the level of previous experience held by the candidate.

Please call 403-286-7186 to register for this course