Vuichard Recovery Technique for Vortex Ring State

Valair and Aerialstage have produced a stunning video showing the Vuichard Recovery Technique to recovery from a vortex ring state situation.

What is Vortex Ring State?

Vortex ring state is a dangerous condition that may arise in helicopter flight, when a vortex ring system engulfs the rotor causing severe loss of lift.

Essentially, the helicopter  starts descending into its own downwash. When the condition arises, increasing the rotor power feeds the vortex motion without generating additional lift, and forces the helicopter towards the ground.

How do you recover from vortex ring state?

In order to recovery from a vortex ring state situation, you need to get the helicopter rotor blades out of the “dirty air” and into air which is not circulating.  This video shows how the Vuichard Recovery Technique accomplishes that.