Our instructors enjoy a balance between flight and ground instruction in the fall and winter months coupled with acquiring current operational experience during the busy spring and summer months. This provides our students with instructors who are enthusiastically committed to providing training that is relevant in an ever-changing industry. When our instructors share their experiences in commercial operations through anecdotes and real life scenarios, it helps our students to see a practical application to the lessons they receive. In addition, our instructors participation in operational flying with other companies develops and maintains MVH’s relationships and reputation in the industry. This model has proven to be very valuable to us, giving our graduates a unique advantage for finding employment in their new careers.

Paul Bergeron

President and Accountable Executive, Class 1 Instructor, Pilot and Instructor Examiner, Approved Check Pilot

Paul has been flying helicopters since 1980, and holds both Canadian and FAA licenses. His 35 years of flying experience has taken him throughout Canada, the US, and the Caribbean. Paul is well established in the helicopter industry, with several companies contacting him for recommendations when they are hiring pilots for their own needs. Paul’s vast operational experience and contacts in the helicopter industry adds value to the students who choose to train with Mountain View Helicopters.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH06, BH04, BH47,BK17, EC20, HU30, HU50, S350 S355

Curtis Nadon

Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Class 1 Instructor, Pilot Examiner, Approved Check Pilot

As a previous graduate of the MVH commercial program, Curtis has been flying for many years in both the commercial and training sectors of the aviation industry. He spends the busy summer months gaining current operational experience to pass along to his students. Curtis’ flying skills and dedication to high quality flight training are great assets to Mountain View’s team. His upbeat attitude and tireless energy keep students motivated on the ground and in the air.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH04, BH06, BH47, EC20, EC30

Ashleigh Nadon

Operations Manager, Class 1 Instructor

Ashleigh is another of our graduates with an infectious enthusiasm for the industry. Ashleigh’s aviation career began after completing a Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. During her time at University, Ashleigh became familiar with helicopters working as a firefighter for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources during the summer months. This experience combined with her education as a personal fitness trainer makes her a natural for flight training. She continues to acquire advanced skills each season by gaining operational experience in a variety of settings.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH06, B407, EC30

Andrea Gill

Class 1 Instructor, Ground School Program Director

Andrea completed her commercial helicopter flight training at Mountain View Helicopters in 2012. As well as working for MVH she has worked for other companies in the summers flying all over western Canada gaining new experiences and knowledge to pass on to students. Prior to helicopter training Andrea travelled the world as well as completed her fixed wing private pilot’s licence between Sault College in Ontario and the Regina Flying Club in Saskatchewan. Andrea’s aviation college background has been a great asset to our ground school program.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH06, EC20, EC30

Dan Barnes

Class 1 Instructor, IFR Instructor

Dan joined the MVH team in April of 2017 with over a decade of operational experience including flying multi-crew Sikorsky S76 helicopters on the West Coast of British Columbia. He holds an Airline Transport Pilots License – Helicopter with Group 4 Instrument Rating, Class 1 Instructor Rating, Night Rating and brings an extensive knowledge of Medevac, IFR, and Multi-Crew experience.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH06, SK76

Sean Elliott

Class 1 Instructor

Sean completed his Commercial Helicopter Licence with MVH in 2011 and was selected to be a tour pilot for MVH in Drumheller.  After a season of flying tours, Sean moved to Northern Alberta to fly in the Oil and Gas industry.  As Sean’s career progressed, he has gained experience in a variety of different settings all over Western Canada including working with Parks Canada, fire-fighting, exploration and drilling, tree planting, and powerline construction.

MVH was happy to welcome Sean back to our team in the fall of 2020 when he completed his Instructor Rating.  Students will benefit Sean’s experience, enthusiasm and easy-going nature during their training.

Type Ratings: RH22, RH44, BH06, EC30