Graduated from MVH in 2015

“My very first helicopter experience was a discovery flight at Mountain View Helicopters January 13, 2012. I was invited to Mountain View Helicopters to see what was involved with acquiring a commercial pilots license. All the personnel that I talked to were very friendly and ready to answer any question I had. I started my training at mountain view helicopters September 15, 2014 and finished January 12, 2015. My experience while at mountain View Helicopters was great, the instructors were very patient, knowledgeable and there to help you learn and succeed. With the help of Mountain Views contacts my career in the Helicopter Industry landed me a job April 2015 at Phoenix Heli Flight Fort McMurray AB. Where I currently fly an EC120 as a commercial line pilot.”


Graduated from MVH in 2014

“I began my training at Mountain View in September 2013 and finished at the start of February 2014. All the instructors were extremely knowledgeable, patient, and ready to help. Mountain View’s operational connections landed me a job the day after I graduated. I now fly an Astar with Forest Helicopters. If you want to become a helicopter pilot, this is the place to train at.”


Graduated from MVH in 2013

“I started my training at Mountain View in the fall of 2012 and it may sound cliché but never the less it was by far one of the best decisions of my life. The course was very structured and logically laid out. The material in the ground school portion was covered thoroughly and was taught in a way that everyone understood. Andrea the classroom instructor at the time was always available to answer questions and to provide extra help. The preflight/pre-exercise in class briefings were performed by Curtis the Chief Flight Instructor. With his years of experience in the field he was not only able to explain the theory of flight and how it related to the various exercises, but he was also able to provide real life examples on how it was applied in everyday situations throughout the industry. My in flight instruction was provided by Ashleigh whom I really can’t say enough about. She kept me motivated and focused on the tasks/exercises we were performing. When I was having difficulties with something she would never let me get down on myself we would work through it and before I knew it I was performing to standard. I always got the sense from her positive attitude, her enthusiasm for flying and her dedication to her craft that she truly enjoys her job and she genuinely cares about her students.

Currently I fly a Bell 206 JetRanger for Valhalla Helicopters; Mountain View however was where it all began. The fundamentals I learned there are applied daily in flight and also in how I conduct myself as a professional in the industry. Clearly nothing more needs to be said and my obvious recommendation is that Mountain View is the place you want to train at.”


Graduated from MVH in 2011

“MVH is a great school. MVH’s close proximity to the foothills allows students to learn in a diverse & beautiful environment. Great instructors and a comfortable facility make it a fun and easy place to learn. In addition to basic training, operational training is also provided within the scope of a commercial licence. MVH is also well connected in the helicopter industry. My first flying job came directly as a result of connections made while training at MVH.”


Graduated from MVH in 2011

“My first visit to Mountain View Helicopter’s hangar was for my discovery flight. I come from an aviation background – but airplanes, I had never been near a helicopter let alone flown one. I flew with Richard that day and signed up for the next course. I completed training for my commercial helicopter pilot licence with MVH and had a fantastic experience. Each instructor brought something different to each lesson through their varied experiences and backgrounds. The course was filled with everything necessary to get someone ready for operational flying and more. Ashleigh was my primary instructor – which was amazing – there aren’t very many females in the industry so it was great to learn from one! I am currently working as a flight instructor and passing my knowledge down to the next group of pilots.”


Graduated from MVH in 2011

“My experience at MVH was great. All the instructors and staff at Mountain View were very knowledgeable in real world operations. They made all the seemingly impossible challenges of learning to fly possible. With all the knowledge and instruction given from MVH, I have been able to achieve and sustain a career as a commercial pilot. I am currently flying for Custom Helicopters in Manitoba, flying the 206 JetRanger, Long Ranger and Astar.”