Night Rating – Helicopter (Commercial and Private License)

Night ratings are completed one-on-one with an instructor, and will include everything you need to know in order to fly safely and proficiently at night.  We recommend completing a night rating during the Fall/Winter/Spring months, as you won’t have to stay up quite so late to get all the flight time in.

In order to complete the Night Rating you will do 10 hours of night flight. 5 hours will be dual and must include a 2 hour cross country flight. 5 hours will be solo and must include 10 takeoffs, landings and circuits.

To register for a night rating, please call us at 403-286-7186


  • You must hold a valid Private or Commercial Helicopter Licence (to do the solo component of the Night Rating)
  • Valid Category 1 or 3 Aviation Medical
  • 10 hours instrument time


The cost for a night rating depends upon the type of aircraft flown:

Robinson R22 10 hours @ $580/hr – $5800
Robinson R44 10 hours @ $800/hr – $8000
Bell 206 10 hours @ $1200/hr – $12,000

+ $200 Briefing Fee 

+ $30 Licensing Fee


You do not require any additional medical certificates on top of your existing Category 1 or 3 medical in order to obtain a night rating.


No flight test is required for a night rating, however we will cover the following exercises to ensure the student is safe and proficient for night flight.

1. Takeoff and Landing
2. Circuits
3. Emergencies
4. Cross Country Flight