Mountain View Helicopters
Springbank Airport (CYBW)

Course Length

5 Hours including 2.5 hours classroom and 2.5 hours simulator training

Class Size

1-4 People


$475 per person

About the Course

Entry into inadvertent IMC (IIMC) conditions is a demanding, disorienting and dangerous situation for any pilot.  However by understanding avoidance and recovery techniques, pilots can become better prepared for the variables of navigating through these conditions.

At Mountain View Helicopters, we offer classroom and simulator-based training to help give pilots essential skills for enabling a safe recovery from IIMC. While using our Fly It flight training simulator, pilots learn techniques that can be useful to any helicopter make/model; avoidance techniques are also part of the curriculum.

Courses are offered for groups or on an individual basis and focus on human factors, situational awareness, communication, pilot decision making, pre-flight planning, weather and terrain avoidance, as well as recovery from an inadvertent IMC condition.  By combining classroom time with simulator training, we're able to re-inforce techniques learned in the classroom with a hands-on experience in low visibility and IMC conditions.

This program meets the requirements set out in the IHST Training Factsheet - Inadvertent Entry into Meteorological Conditions (IIMC). Pilots will receive a certificate of training on completion of the course.

Course Syllabus

- Human Factors
- Situational Awareness
- Effective Communications
- Pilot Decision Making
- Pre-flight Planning
- Weather and Terrain Avoidance
- Inadvertant IMC Procedures
- Recovery Techniques from Inadvertent IMC

Course Schedule

Standard: 5 Hours including;

2.5 Hours Classroom Training
2.5 Hours Simulator Training

All training is to be completed at Mountain View Helicopters at Springbank Airport over 2-days.  We can accept a maximum of 4 pilots per two day course.  Course schedule can be tailored to the requirements of your company.

Please call 403-286-7186 to register for this course