Crowsnest Mountain

Our newest mountain tour, Crowsnest Mountain is a scenic mountain in the southern Canadian Rockies of southwestern Alberta. At its highest point, mountain elevation is 9,137ft and is the highest peak south of Mount Assiniboine. Your tour begins having just departed Springbank airport and flying southwest towards Bragg Creek and near the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. As we reach a cruising altitude flying south, your view of the countless western mountain tops begins to take shape. Upon arriving at our destination we begin a gentle orbit over Crowsnest Mountain in the Crowsnest Pass allowing passengers to photograph and video the spectacular scenery. Considered a picturesque sight as one drives through the Crowsnest Pass, made even more unique viewed from the helicopter at 9,500ft. From there, your pilot begins the flight north back to Springbank airport allowing passenger to reflect on thier journey while taking in all the sights on offering at high altitude. Truly an exceptional tour any time of the year!


2.2 Hours


R44 Helicopter (3 Passengers): $1980
Bell 206 Helicopter (4 Passengers): $2750


Book online or by calling 403-286-7186

*Weight restrictions apply.  Upon booking, weights for each passenger will be requested.  For your safety and to avoid cancellation of your flight please provide accurate weights.